Tough news

Its been another busy couple of weeks.  Jacob received chemo and spent 6 days in the hospital – he was so very sick from this round.  With a lot of different medications he was able to get home and finish the recovery there.  Last Saturday Jacob, Evan and Noah, along with their cousin Dea, were asked to represent Children’s Hospital at a charity soccer game. The soccer game was played by actors, hockey players, Olympic medalists etc…Evan lucked out and got to walk on the pitch with Daniel Sedin, who tried to hold Evans hand…Evan hates to be touched and had to ask Mr. Sedin to please not touch his hand. 😂.  After the game, we all stayed for the White Caps game. Overall it was a fun evening for the boys, and for a good cause as well. Sunday we participated in the Abbotsford Terry Fox Run.  About 120 people came out to support Jacob on his team, and we raised $17,000. The event was emotionally overwhelming – the sea of yellow shirts for Jacob, the realization why we were there…this wasn’t just a “fun event” for a worthy cause…this was because our son has the same cancer Terry Fox had.  And just like Terry, Jacob is very soon facing amputation of his leg.  While we are very anxious for the surgery, we still have acceptance that this is what needs to happen if there is any hope of Jacob beating this.  Jacob remains calm and at peace with it as well.

Our niece Emily has been amazing for the family.  Its comforting knowing that no matter what happens or when we need to be gone, she will be there to watch the kids and help keep the house in order. This is a load off our backs and we are so thankful things worked out this way. 177CF391-2D68-4F95-8150-733EF89E90A4Now for the tough news. On Monday Jacob had a clinic appointment at Children’s.  While we previously thought his latest scans were all fairly positive – we were not exactly given the whole story.  There was some miscommunication between the surgeon and the oncologist about who was going to go over the MRI results with us.  What no one told us was that the cancer has spread to Jacobs knee now.  This makes the cancer metastatic and in the cancer staging system, puts him in stage 4B.  I’ll add a staging chart, so I don’t have to spend too much time explaining.  This is not the news we expected nor wanted to hear, and along with processing the upcoming amputation, things are feeling pretty difficult.10BD65EC-693E-4262-80E9-4288BFDF0550

While this is very concerning and discouraging news, we still place our trust in God and his plan and will for Jacob’s life.  We will not give up hope and we will fight the heck out of this beast inside him and, though so afraid of the amputation, look forward to the tumors being taken out.

Continue to keep us in your prayers – and our thanks again for the love and support shown in the various ways. 💛


9 thoughts on “Tough news”

  1. We are and will continue to pray for you all…may God continue to surround you all and give you strength and comfort as Jacob’s journey continues x


  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. Tough news, putting it mildly. I know that our God can do beyond what we can ask or imagine, and will continue to pray for healing and protection for Jacob, and that you all may continue to know God’s love and care, and experience continued strength, peace and confidence in our heavenly Father. Nothing can or will separate you from His love in Christ Jesus!


  3. When they removed my entire right leg, hip and pelvis on the right side I ‘knew’ that the cancer was removed from my body (solid steel ring lol) – they went high and aggressive with the amputation and they are doing that with Jakob too – high above the knee and well below it. If they had any doubt that they could not entirely remove both tumors and still perform the rotationplasty (sp?) I’m sure they would recommend amputating the entire leg without attempting the rp surgery. He is a tough cookie and I know how scary this is for all of you. I’m continuing to put him and all of you in my prayers. Thank you for keeping us updated. ❤


  4. I’m sorry that you have had this bad news. Keep the faith. Keep strong…God carries you when you need. Many prayers have been and will still be said
    Love from The Brouwers in West Australia


  5. Continuing to pray daily for you all as you go forward in uncertainty, yet knowing you have the great physician healer in control.


  6. So so tough. Remembering you all in our prayers- especially with surgery coming up.
    So glad you have some help around the house- some “normal” for the other boys amid the chaos. Must be so hard for them too.
    Prayers for peace, comfort, and healing.


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