18 days post amputation

Recovery is still going fairly well. Jacob has made some huge strides in the last week. He has gone from just barely able to move without intense pain to being able to get up on his own! Last Wednesday he got into a wheelchair for the first time since surgery. On Thursday he stood up and walked 9 steps on the parallel bars. Friday he straightened his leg and walked with a walker. Saturday and Sunday he worked on transferring himself out of bed and into the wheelchair or the walker by himself and today he used his crutches briefly. We are so thankful for the positive progression that is happening.

I am also extremely thankful for his determined spirit and acceptance of what’s happened to his body. Jacob has still never complained once – not through the pain, not because he lost half his leg, not because his leg is backwards and he may not walk for another year, not because chemo is starting up next week again, not because he’s missing out on his first year of high school. This in turn also helps me to stay positive and accepting as well. He inspires me. This by no means makes any of this easy. The days have been long and difficult. Seeing Jacob in so much pain and crying for half an hour straight in my arms hurts so badly. I hate what is happening to him and to our family. The time apart has been especially hard on Evan. Since the first day of summer Jacob and I have spent 63 nights in the hospital. Noah and Kaleb are adapting well, but Evan is struggling to accept that his mom and big bro are away so much. This hospital stay alone looks like it will be about a month long before we can go home for a few nights.

We still have fun when we can, and are constantly pranking our nurses and physiotherapists, doing the best we can to keep it light and humorous.

Jacob is still being fed via the feeding tube, and it looks like this may be in for some time. He is eating small amounts and is off hydration now, but he is only consuming about 1/8 of the calories he needs. We were able to get him onto a scale today, and he has lost another 12 pounds, but no one seems sure about how much the portion of leg removed actually weighed. The pathology report is not in yet so we are still waiting on if the surgery had clear margins and what the percentage of necrosis the tumors had. One area of his incision is still not closing up. It needs to create its own blood supply because a large area of tissue at his upper leg had to be covered with skin from his calf.

Again, thank you for all the prayers and messages of support. We feel carried, and the unexplainable peace and acceptance we have can only come from our Father.

Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:7

14 thoughts on “18 days post amputation”

  1. Thank you for your detailed and heartfelt updates Tracey and for bringing us along to cheer the successes and the tears as well. I went from 155 pounds down to 105 pounds after my surgery (and look at me now!) … the pain really does destroy your appetite but it will get better! Keep trying Jacob – feed your body nutritious choices and avoid the sugary empty calories. For some reason apples were the one fruit that I always enjoyed even when I had no appetite for anything else. (Maybe it was hard-wired into my head from a young age that ‘an apple a day will keep the doctor away’ … I’m not sure but I did like Ambrosia apples… might be worth a shot – peeled, cored and cut in little apple ‘boats’) Sending lots of prayers your way!


  2. Tracey and Jacob, the two of you are showing such great strength. A momma bear for sure, Tracey! Your bond is so heart warming. Thank-you for the continued updates. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the hard work! Hugs to you both.


  3. It is so good to read such a positive and real report of what’s been going on for Jacob and the rest of your family. He is one brave guy! It must be so hard on your mother heart, Tracey, but when kids are sick, they always need a parent or 2 close by and I am thankful that you are able to do that for him. I’m sure this whole thing is scary enough so it’s especially important for you to be right there. Wishing you all the best. Keeping you in my prayers!


  4. Thank you for the update Tracy…we cant imagine how difficult this is for your whole family ❤ it is awesome to see such a positive attitude in Jacob how amazing ❤ constantly praying for you guys!


  5. thanks for the update again! it is good to hear how slowly bit by bit you are moving forward. What a strength of character you both of showing , which the grace of God has endowed you with. Love


  6. Thankyou for the update as well. We are so happy he is making progress and how brave he is as well as all of you. Take care. We will continue to pray for continual progress and strength for all of you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤


  7. Glad to see the progress he’s making – what a fighter! And I especially love the oncologist does my hair T-shirt!! Our family remembers your family everyday in prayer!


  8. You all don’t know me, but I’ve been following Jacob’s story. What a journey to go through at such a tender age. But with his mom at his side, he’s got the best support! We pray for you and your family for the strength to endure this all.


  9. Glad to hear of the progress, you are all in our prayers daily, may God give you all strength as the healing continues and you await the results of the tests.


  10. I love Jacob’s shirt, “My Oncologist does my hair”, too funny. 🙂 Thank you all so much for sharing this journey with us, the good and the bad. Our prayers continue for you all.


  11. Love how he’s focusing on you when he’s trying to stand! So thankful for the progress Jacob’s made so far and praying that it continues to go well and that all medical reports are favourable. We continue to pray for you all.


  12. We are very happy, with you, over the last big progress.What a big step in the last nine days We thankThe Lord for that and we will ask The Lord to go further with you on the way to recovery. It is like Jacobs hands in prayer to the Lord. J andA Eikelboom


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