And we wait….

Some of you know that we will not receive the results of the biopsy, CT scan and PET scan until Thursday now, but I’m getting a lot of messages asking about the results that never did happen today.  Pathology called the oncology doctors to let them know they needed a few more days yet for the bone biopsy results.

So we wait.  Sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much. What we all want now is to start the fight and to kill this beast growing inside our son.  We are terrified of what this looks like, yet at the same time we know it needs to happen. In the meantime we have been able to have a couple good days, and a couple not so good days.  Jacob has been in a lot of pain from the open bone biopsy, and has been having fevers off and on since.  He is perking up quite a bit today and was able to attend a half day of school.  We initially thought he wouldn’t be attending grad, so last week I went down to the school to take some class pictures.  Because of the delay in the biopsy results he WILL get to go to his grade 7 graduation, which is awesome news even if it means waiting longer to start the fight.

A few pics…

For now we are trying to enjoy a couple “normal” days before the treatment begins which will be soon after we get the results in.  Jacob will be getting baseline testing done on Thursday as well of his heart, kidneys and hearing. The chemo he will be starting is particularly hard on these organs and functions.

Please continue to pray for Jacob. While he is handling it all okay so far, not being able to be active and knowing he won’t be active for quite some time is getting him down.

Until Thursday…..






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