Quick update from home

We are home after another 5 day stay at the hospital! Jacob’s neutrophils went up ever so slightly (0.04) getting him to 0.15.  This is still severely neutropenic so we are reaaaaallllly hoping he doesn’t get another fever or a repeat of the last 5 days will happen.  His hemoglobin and platelets also went up, so we are celebrating these small victories. 96ED1DBA-CA50-4C93-A37A-ABB078CA2F58Jacob hasn’t managed to make his own receding hair line quite yet, but he will need his head shaved soon. Hair is getting everywhere.  In his bed, his clothes, his eyes and mouth, his food….he has to be ready though and I want it to be his decision when it happens.

We cancelled our stay in Vancouver this week. After this hospital stay and only being home 2 days out of the last 19, we just want to be at home. There are things that need doing, and Jacob gets tired so quickly so we want him where it is the comfiest without any expectation of needing to head out. Something as simple as a dinner out could be too much for him.

Thank you again for the prayers and the help received so far. We could not travel this road without your love and support.


5 thoughts on “Quick update from home”

  1. We really hope and pray that this time there are no glitches and you all get to spend the week together. Bunches of love❤️❤️❤️


  2. Thinking of you all every day. Isn’t it true that in the darkness we notice God’s light so much more? Continue to be strong in the Lord


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